The Hundreds

The Hundreds’ first collection of 2024 is a big one – “big” in its vibrant and versatile range of streetwear stylings, but also big for the label’s lore at large. The Spring 2024 range marks the first capsule of The Hundreds’ 20th year in operation, which also happens to be the first delivery curated by the imprint’s new creative director David Rivera.

Rivera has been part of The Hundreds

Rivera has been part of The Hundreds’ fam for a while, with the passing of the torch coming from the hands of Bobby and Ben themselves. ”For the last couple years, we’ve turned to our David Rivera to plot the course for the next adventure,” Bobby noted in a release.

The Hundreds

Veteran of The Hundreds

“David is a 13-year veteran of The Hundreds, working his way up the ranks in almost every creative department in the building, studying under and alongside the greats – so you’re already familiar with his language. It’s a new age for streetwear and for The Hundreds, a chapter that will be heavily narrated by David’s design and perspective on the culture. If you want to know where we’re headed tomorrow, follow David Rivera today.”

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